Consumer Focus of Motobyo’s Online Used Car Marketplace Built with “Secret Sauce” Melding Multiple Patent-Pending Technologies Into An Unprecedented Selling & Buying Experience​

Consumer friendly auto marketplace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 6, 2022 – Used car consumers – both sellers and buyers – are the focus of the Motobyo online used car marketplace, combining multiple proprietary, patent-pending technologies with a “secret sauce” that gives consumers a selling and buying experience not available on any other automotive industry platform. 

The disruptive power of Motobyo has been years in the making, with the company’s team of technology and auto industry professionals creating unique solutions that have been melded into this new platform that launched this summer.  

The pricing algorithm is the centerpiece of the Motobyo business model. It’s the first consumer-facing pricing tool introduced into the auto industry in the last two decades, with the capability to provide an actual cash offer based on up-to-the minute market conditions. It’s not a price estimate or an opinion designed to be a lead generator, but an actual cash offer delivered directly to the consumer. 

Add to that, the Motobyo auction platform, developed specifically for private party used car selling and buying. It is the only auction platform for mainstream, everyday vehicle inventory with real-time data never before available for actual consumers. 

The “secret sauce” is the methodology of how the Motobyo pricing engine, and the auction platform work together to provide consumers with a selling and buying experience not available on any other platform. Private party sellers and buyers both benefit, a unique offering that “flips the script” on other online auto industry offerings.  

Sellers get two options through Motobyo – an immediate cash offer for a quick sale, or an opportunity to maximize their return by auctioning their vehicle to a large audience of potential private party buyers. Either option guarantees success in 10 days or less. 

Buyers get access to desirable inventory, accurate and reliable pricing data, along with what have been traditionally “dealer-only” tools that ensure a safe and transparent purchase process. 

Motobyo is an e-commerce marketplace, not a dealership. By connecting private party sellers directly to private party buyers, Motobyo eliminates auto industry middlemen, creating efficiencies that give real value back to the consumer.  

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