Motobyo is the automotive industry start-up investment opportunity that everyone is talking about. Our rapid national expansion plans are centered around established partnerships with premier national brands like JD Power, Firestone, Midas, Meineke, Credible … and more. 🙌


Our incredible momentum is powering us into the forefront of a revolution, changing the antiquated used car market by eliminating inefficiencies and connecting supply directly to demand.


With our beta test complete, we are now raising $4M to execute marketing initiatives to support rapid national expansion.


Traction Highlights:


Massive Market Opportunity


Our powerful business model is capitalizing on the shifting dynamics of the $1.6T used car market. 


In 2021, there were 43.1M used cars and trucks sold in the country. Each transaction costs buyers and sellers, on average, $4,000 in collective inefficiencies. That is $172B of total lost value the consumers subsidize due to this inefficient system.


There is no benefit for the industry to change- with zero intentions to help the consumers. That’s where Motobyo comes in to shake up the industry!


The Motobyo platform doesn’t just create efficiency where it once did not exist. It also solves the roadblocks, obstacles and concerns consumers have when attempting to buy and/or sell a vehicle.


When a consumer goes to a dealership to sell or trade in their vehicle, they fail to realize, on average, $2,000 or more of value. The dealer must cover the costs associated with the wholesale auction process. Most don’t realize that the consumer subsidizes these costs. In addition, the end buyer will spend an added $2,000 or more for the same vehicle. Each step in the process adds incremental costs, which are passed on to both parties.


Consumers who buy and sell with Motobyo avoid these hidden expenses. 

Own a Piece of Motobyo!

Accredited investors, share the excitement with your inner circle – friends, family, and your network – and encourage them to join our investor community on Fundable! Our team is gearing up for rapid expansion beyond our Philadelphia launch market. We’ve recently added buying centers in 6 new states, including Maryland, New York, and Alabama!