Privacy Policy

1. Scope and updates of this User Privacy Notice

This User Privacy Notice applies to your use of this website and all Motobyo applications, services (including payment services), products and tools (collectively the “Services”), regardless of how you access or use these Services, including access via mobile devices and apps.

2. Controller

Which Motologiq, Inc company is responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data in connection with the provision of the Services depends on how you use our Services.

2.1 Use of the Services
Motologiq, Inc is responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data in connection with the provision of our Services:

USA: Motologiq Inc 601 Dresher Road, Suite 300, Horsham, PA  19044

2.2 Use of the Payment Protection services for users:
Depending on the region in which you are located and whether we provide our Payment Protection services there, the following Motologiq Inc company is responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data in connection with the provision of our Services:

USA: Motologiq Inc 601 Dresher Road, Suite 300, Horsham, PA  19044

As described in our Payment Protection Services Terms of Use, your personal data may be processed by one or more of our companies and/or affiliate companies depending on your location and the location of the Motobyo website on which a user completes a transaction with you.

3. Data protection contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or about data protection at Motobyo in general, you can contact customer care with any information requests.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or complaints regarding this User Privacy Notice or our handling of personal data, you can also contact the customer care team.

4. What personal data we collect and process

We collect your personal data when you use our Services, create a new account, provide us with information via a web form, add or update information in your account, participate in online community discussions or otherwise interact with us. We also collect personal data from other sources (such as affiliate sites, partners, credit agencies or bureaus, and other data brokers).

5. Purposes and legal basis for data processing and categories of recipients

We process your personal data for various purposes and based on several different legal bases that allow this processing. For example, we process your personal data to provide and improve our Services, to provide you with a personalized user experience on this website, to contact you about your account and our Services, to provide customer service, to provide you with personalized advertising and marketing communications, and to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activity. We also share your information with third parties, including service providers acting on our behalf, for these purposes. In addition, we may share your personal data among eBay group companies in order to fulfil our contract with you under the User Agreement and, if applicable, the Payment Protection service terms. We also communicate some personal details of both buyers and sellers of a vehicle once an auction has ended or a private offer has been accepted by both parties in order to move the transaction forward and help both parties complete the sale.

6. International data transfers

Some recipients of your personal data are located outside your country or have offices in countries where data protection laws may provide a different level of protection than the laws in your country. When transferring personal data to such recipients, we provide appropriate safeguards.

7. Storage duration and erasure

Your personal data will be stored by us and our service providers in accordance with applicable data protection laws to the extent necessary for the processing purposes set out in this User Privacy Notice. Subsequently, we will delete your personal data in accordance with our data retention and deletion policy or take steps to properly render the data anonymous, unless we are legally obliged to keep your personal data longer (e.g. for legal compliance, tax, accounting or auditing purposes). In Europe, the retention periods are generally between 6 and 10 years (e.g. for contracts, notifications and business letters). As far as legally permissible or required, we restrict the processing of your data instead of deleting it (e.g. by restricting access to it). This applies in particular to cases where we may still need the data for the execution of the contract or for the assertion of or defense against legal claims, or where such retention is otherwise required or permitted by law. In these cases, the duration of the restriction of processing depends on the respective statutory limitation or retention periods. The data will be deleted after the relevant limitation or retention periods have expired.

8. Rights as a data subject

Subject to possible restrictions under national law, as a data subject, you have the right to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and data portability with regard to your personal data. In addition, you can withdraw your consent and object to our processing of your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interests. You can also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can also cancel your Motobyo account at anytime if these terms are not acceptable to you.

9. Cookies & similar technologies

When you use our Services, we and authorized third-party providers make use of cookies and similar technologies. We make use of cookies and similar technologies which may be saved on your device or which will only be saved on your device for as long as your browser is active (e.g. session cookies). Furthermore, we make use of cookies and similar technologies which will be saved on your device for a longer period (e.g. persistent cookies). Where possible, we take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our cookies and similar technologies. A unique identifier (ID) ensures that only we and authorized third-party providers have access to data that has been collected by means of cookies and similar technologies.

The cookies and similar technologies used by us have various functions:
They can be (technically) necessary for the provision of our Services
They help us to technically enhance our Services (e.g. monitoring of error messages and loading times)
They help us to improve your user experience (e.g. by saving the font size and data entered into webforms)
They enable us to show you more relevant ads.

10. Data security

We protect your personal data through technical and organizational security measures to minimize risks associated with data loss, misuse, unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure and alteration. To this end we use firewalls and data encryption, for example, as well as physical access restrictions for our data centers and authorization controls for data access.

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